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The Trip Slip Story - Told by Founder Achsha Jones

As the Founder of Brake Time Tours, a Mom, field trip chaperone and Sales Coordinator at The Detroit Historical Museum, I know firsthand all of the moving parts that go into making a field trip successful. There’s a teacher who plans the event, contacts the venues, arranges transportation, the day, date and time, proposes a budget, gets permission from the school all before even proposing the idea to the students and their parents.

Once all of those things come together, only then can the teacher send home permission slips with the hope that parents will help chaperone the trip or, at the very least, respond in a timely manner with a signed permission slip and the money needed to make the trip happen.

There are so many things that can go wrong in these scenarios, chief among them is trusting children to deliver the permission slip to their parents then return the signed form to the teacher with the fee BEFORE the date requested. I have seen trips cancelled due to low participation despite the trip having had NO COST associated with the venture. Translation; the permission slips didn’t come back. This results in lost revenue for transportation companies, food establishments and entertainment venues, most importantly and tragically it robs the children of the opportunity to experience a day of learning and exploring outside of the classroom.

This problem is what sparked the idea for Trip Slip; the paperless permission slip. In addition to solving this problem for schools and student centered organizations, it can also mean the end of filling out forms upon arriving at an appointment. Trampoline parks, laser tag, paintball, gun ranges, massage therapists, doctors offices can all benefit from having secure, digital forms that customers can access on their computer or cellphone.

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